Zoo Lou

Element: Life

Slogan: "Nature Calls!"

First Appearance: Skylanders Swap Force

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Descended from a long line of shamans, Zoo Lou traveled far and wide to the Seven Strange Strongholds - ancient, mysterious sites of great wonder in Skylands - where he studied the wisdom and fighting styles of the Seven Strange Mages. After many years of traveling and studying, Zoo Lou returned to find an army of trolls had invaded his sacred homeland to mine its natural magic resources. Zoo Lou's warrior heart burned with fury. And having now mastered the enchanted art of communicating with nature and summoning animals, he unleashed his great mojo - attacking the trolls and single handedly freeing his lands once again. It was this heroic feat that caught the eye of Double Trouble, who then brought Zoo Lou to Master Eon and the Skylanders.

Basic Abilities

Bird Call - Press Attack 1 to summon birds that attack enemies

Wolf Call - Press Attack 2 to summon a wolf tha attacks enemies

Console Stats

Maximum Health: 290
Speed: 43
Armor: 18
Critical Hit: 6
Elemental Power: 25


Initial Upgrades

Piggyback Ride

Cost: 500

Press Attack 3 to summon and ride a wild boar that attacks enemies

Raging Boar

Cost: 700

Piggyback Ride does increased damage


Swoop Re-Loop

Cost: 900

Birds attack enemies twice before flying away


Better Beaks

Cost: 1200

Bird attacks cause more damage


Upgrade Paths

Bucking Boar Path

Rough Rider

Cost: 1700

Boar attack kicks up rocks that damage enemies


Thicker Pigskin

Cost: 2200

Thicker boar skin reduces damage from enemy attacks


Hog Wild

Cost: 3000

Boar continues to run over enemies after Zoo Lou jumps off


Wild Wolf Path

Alpha Wolf

Cost: 1700

Wolf does more damage and has more health


Hunger of the Wolf

Cost: 2200

Wolf attacks with increasing speed


Hunter and Gatherer

Cost: 3000

Wolf digs up food when health is low


Upgrade Path Poll


Extra Abilities

Soul Gem

Birds of Prey

Cost: 4000

Hold Attack 1 to summon up to 5 birds, release and they swoop down on enemies

Location: Mudwater Hollow (Swap Force)

Wow Pows


Cost: N//A

Zoo Lou does not currently have any Wow Pows


Figures & Power Stats

 Zoo Lou Zoo Lou Zoo Lou Power StatsZoo Lou Power Stats

Legenday Zoo LouLegenday Zoo LouLegendary Zoo Lou Power StatsLegendary Zoo Lou Power Stats



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