Grilla Drilla

Element: Life

Movement: Dig

Slogan: "If There's a Drill, There's a Way!"

First Appearance: Swap Force

Grilla DrillaGrilla Drilla


In the distant jungles of what was once the sprawling subterranean city of the Drilla Empire, Grilla Drilla served among the guards for the Drilla King. Every seven years, the king would select the bravest and strongest guard to become their leader. It was during the last selection ceremony that a troll mining operation broke through the ground above them and quickly snatched the king, wanting to know the location of the famed Drilla Diamond. Having never ventured above ground, Grilla Drilla risked everything to defeat the trolls and rescue the Drilla King. In return for his bravery, Grilla was selected as the new leader. But he instead decided to join the Skylanders, where he could protect even more residents of Skylands.

Basic Abilities

Punchy Monkey - Press Attack 1 to punch enemies

Wind Turbine - Press Attack 2 to plant a coconut turret that attacks enemies

Console Stats

Maximum Health: 290
Speed: 43
Armor: 24
Critical Hit: 4
Elemental Power: 25


Upgrades - Body

Monkey Call

Cost: 300

Press Attack 3 to summon a pair of monkeys


Cost: 800

Punches do increased damage

Reaching Mandrill

Cost: 1000

Punches have longer range

Upgrades - Legs

Explosive Growth

Cost: 300

Hold Attack 2 to charge turret, release to plant a bomb plant

Speading Like Weeds

Cost: 800

Explosive Growth bombs explode into 3 smaller bombs

Nature Bounty

Cost: 1000

Have 2 turrets active at the same time

Upgrade Paths - Body

Monkey Master Path

Team Monkey

Cost: 1500

Summon 4 monkeys at once


King of the Jungle

Cost: 2000

Monkeys do increased damage


Drilling Punches Path

Double Punch

Cost: 1500

Press Attack 1 three times to attack with both drills


Primate Powers

Cost: 2000

Double punch does increased damage


Body Upgrade Path Poll


Upgrade Path - Legs

Coconot Caretake Path

This Is Coconuts

Cost: 1500

Turret coconuts shells explode


Coconut Mayhem

Cost: 2000

Coconuts do increased damage

Banana Blaster Path

Banana Split

Cost: 1500

Turrets rapidly shoot bananas


Go Bananas

Cost: 2000

Bananas do increased damage

Legs Upgrade Path Poll


Soul Gems

Body Soul Gem

Ring of the Golden Monkey

Cost: 3500

Arms drills turn gold and do extra damage

Location: Iron Jaw Gulch(Skylanders: Swap Force)

Legs Soul Gem

Adaptive Nature

Cost: 3500

Plants grow throws that damage enemies

Iron Jaw Gulch Mountains (Skylanders: Swap Force)


Grilla Drilla FigureGrilla Drilla Figure

Power Stats

Grilla Drilla StatsGrilla Drilla Stats


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